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Sometimes the craving for a particular meal hits you late in the evening.  That is when you need to find restaurants open late close to where you live.  If what you need is Italian food, then Truth Italian Restaurant is ideal.  We serve clients living in Evanston, Chicago, Skokie, Wilmette, and Dolton, IL, and we are among the few Italian restaurants that deliver right to your doorstep. The restaurant has been open for a while serving up delicious dishes every day.

In order to make sure that we provide the very best of everything, we make sure to train our people the right way.  We begin by hiring the right people and then enhance their skills with continuous training.  This extends to our delivery people since we are among the Italian restaurants that deliver. By doing this, we make sure to enhance our services so that we provide excellence all round.

The good thing about our proximity to residents of Evanston, Chicago, Skokie, Wilmette and Dolton, IL, is that we are able to deliver to our clients in the area.  We are among the restaurants open late in the area and are an ideal choice whenever that late night craving hits. You can find out a lot more about us on our website, so feel free to browse and then give us a call with your order.

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